Introducing MemePad, The First IDO Launchpad for Micro-cap Coins Launches Today

3 min readApr 28, 2021

Our team is excited to promote the growth of safe launches in the crypto community with MemePad!

MemePad is a digital assets platform that serves as a launchpad for memecoins and other micro-cap coins. Our clear-cut goal is to offer the little guy a chance at success.

Crypto launchpads have become a staple in the DeFi realm. They democratize early stage investing in a secure and trustworthy fashion. To say the least, when a project is properly incubated and nurtured it’s possible for a crypto launchpads such as ours to offer incredibly successful TGEs (Token Generation Events.)

Our goal at MemePad is strictly to support smaller projects. In fact, there is a serious lack of support for micro-cap projects hoping to partner with existing launchpads. Micro-cap projects include anything from memecoins to small raises and launches for charity tokens:

“If these projects were to approach a traditional launchpad, they would most likely be rejected due to small size and lack of allocation for the launchpads themselves. MemePad allows these projects to raise their liquidity for LP in a fast turnaround time, while enjoying all of the benefits of a traditional launchpad.” — MemePad Team.

MemeCoin Token Listing x PancakeSwap

MemePad has released the details of its $MEPAD listing, with its mission engrained in making IDOs available to small crypto projects. The official listing date is set for today, Wednesday April 28 @ 9PM EST (NYC Time.) $MEPAD will be listed directly at PancakeSwap.

It’s important to note that there will be no public or whitelisted pre-sale and that purchases can be made on PancakeSwap immediately following the launch.

Having said that, MemeCoin did raise a small amount of funds to assist in marketing and other promotion efforts, but it was raised at 2.5x higher than listing price, resulting in total fairness to the community.

At listing, $MEPAD will have a market cap of $200,000 with a total supply of 400,000,000 $MEPAD. Liquidity will be added at launch and locked directly after.

Initial added liquidity will be $50,000 paired with 25% of total supply.

$MEPAD will be listed at $0.0005 per token.

To give the community an added piece of mind, MemePool will be locking LP (liquidity provider) tokens with Team Finance to ensure investor trust.

We have also created our contracts with no mint function for $MEPAD tokens and, the majority of tokens will be locked to be vested over time for platform use (such as marketing.) which will reduce our circulating supply by 50%.

What’s more is $MEPAD tokens boast several attractive features:

  • Staking on Meme Coins; Each coin launched on MemePad gives token to $MEPAD stakers
  • Un-Staking LP Generation; A 10% fee is charged automatically and added to the Liquidity Pool each time a staker “un-stakes” from the Launchpad pool for allocations.
  • Launchpad Allocations; Staking $MEPAD is required in order to receive allocations for projects

Community-driven features

Projects chosen for the MemePad LaunchPad will receive full scale support from pre-launch to IDO and post-sale which will aid them in assistance with any technical support, development, security auditing, and community building that may be needed.

We may also implement community voting process in order to be listed, however MemePad would only follow through with this once it garners an established token holder base to guard against voter manipulation.

Holders will also benefit from other advantages such as:

  • IDO launch within days of being approved
  • Full KYC and Compliance
  • Community bootstrap with ape-base ready to support
  • Swap BNB or BUSD for an allocation in listed projects
  • Gaining exposure to thousands of potential buyers

If you would like to submit your project for consideration, follow this link.

For more information please visit the MemePad Website or Follow MemePad on Twitter.