Announcing The Official MemePad IDO Allocation Tiers

Note: we have updated the allocations so that all Chad stakers WILL have access to a guaranteed allocation, see below.

We are really humbled and thankful for all the support we are seeing from our community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the successful launch of our token and to those who continue to join our ranks.

Listed on PancakeSwap less than 38 hours ago, MemePad is officially the first of its kind and we are just getting started.

With our first IDO just around the corner we are super excited about the release of our MemePad participation tier levels!

Comprised of three tiers; Pleb, Chad, and Elon, these levels will help to ensure fairness and exclusivity to micro-cap projects which include memecoins, small raises, and launches for charity that utilize our platform. Designed to promote and incentivize holding, while allowing everyone who actively takes part in our events a chance to move up the ranks by starting at whatever level they are able.

Tier levels must stake $MEPAD to participate:


⁃ Stake 10,000 $MEPAD

⁃ Pool weight 10

⁃ No Guaranteed Allocation


⁃ Stake 69,000 $MEPAD

⁃ Pool weight 100

⁃ Guaranteed Allocation: YES


⁃ Stake 420,000 $MEPAD

⁃ Pool weight 1000

⁃ Guaranteed Allocation 🔥🔥🔥

If you are reading this, you’re still early! Grab a bag, be a Chad or even go to Mars with Elon. Most importantly remember this is crypto, people go from Plebs to becoming whales all the time.

Come for the tech, stay for the Memes!


If you haven’t yet visit us on telegram and join our community:




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