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Below is a recap of the most recent AMA held by the MemePad dev team, addressing important issues and upcoming milestones for the MemePad project

1-) When is the next IDO?

Next IDO coming hopefully next week, if the team does not change their mind due to market conditions.

2-) Is the roadmap on the website still up to date? With Cross-Chain launches and Meme Coin Generator coming?

We are going to begin focusing on Cross-Chain launches next. Then we will launch some internal projects, and finally decentralize the platform.

3-) What VC did is considered as a…

MemePad’s Launchpad platform has officially launched. Learn how to participate in our upcoming launches.

The first-ever MemePad IDO ElonDoge will be available for purchase for all MEPAD stakers beginning at 10 PM EST (NYC time).

The process of getting an allocation in the sale is very simple, and requires much less work from the end-user than many other launchpads.

This guide will explain in detail the process of staking your MEPAD tokens, how “Freezes” work for staking, staking tiers and the token sale.

1: Staking in the official MemePad Attendance Pool

We are more than thrilled to announce an incredible and monumental moment in MemePad’s history.

Only 1 week after the super successful launch of the MemePad platform thanks to our wonderful community, we are just about ready to release our first ever IDO….!

ELONDOGE is a project that takes its mission to prepare society for our first Mars colony seriously. …

Before we begin, we would like to welcome all of our new members and holders 🚀

We have grown very fast since our launch 2 days ago, and we will only continue to grow our community and recognition.

We would like to start off the AMA by announcing that next week we are releasing the “MemePad Staking Portal”, which will allow all holders (Plebs, Chads & Elons) to stake and receive additional $MEPAD as reward for staking as soon as next week!

The Staking Portal will allow holders of all sizes to stake and earn $MEPAD for free by staking…

Note: we have updated the allocations so that all Chad stakers WILL have access to a guaranteed allocation, see below.

We are really humbled and thankful for all the support we are seeing from our community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the successful launch of our token and to those who continue to join our ranks.

Listed on PancakeSwap less than 38 hours ago, MemePad is officially the first of its kind and we are just getting started.

With our first IDO just around the corner we are super excited about the release of our MemePad participation tier…

Our team is excited to promote the growth of safe launches in the crypto community with MemePad!

MemePad is a digital assets platform that serves as a launchpad for memecoins and other micro-cap coins. Our clear-cut goal is to offer the little guy a chance at success.

Crypto launchpads have become a staple in the DeFi realm. They democratize early stage investing in a secure and trustworthy fashion. To say the least, when a project is properly incubated and nurtured it’s possible for a crypto launchpads such as ours to offer incredibly successful TGEs (Token Generation Events.)

Our goal at…


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